I guess Hurricane Ike is on its way toward Texas. It is a Cat 4 and may even be a tropical storm still when it gets to DFW. I was thinking about Ike today. I was thinking about how people talk about prayer and storms in the same sentence. I understand praying for safety and not too much destruction, but can you pray for it not to hit? Isn’t that the same as praying for it to destroy somewhere else, hurt other people? It’s kind of like praying for you team to win; inherently, you are praying for the other team to lose. Praying for Ike not to hit your home town means praying that Ike hits the town down the way. I was just thinking about this today…



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2 responses to “Ike

  1. Bruce Bauslaugh

    My pastor says we should pray that storms change us in the way God wants us to be changed.We could also pray for the storm to weaken no matter where it hits. I think that’s what happened with Gustav in New Orleans.

  2. bob

    soren kierkegaard has some interesting views on prayer. he seemed to think that the purpose of praying was much more about our lives being altered than altering the mind and will of God.

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