Thats how much per gallon I paid to fill up the tank on Thursday morning. Looks like that was a very fortunate decision.

Ike is pummeling Texas, south of here. I think the first rain band just made it over DFW but its very small here and the there is barely any wind to speak of. The forecast for this afternoon has been slightly downgraded, but it looks like well get a couple inches of rain and some strong wind. Nothing, of course, compared to Houston or Galveston.

We planned for possible power outages.

Here’s a funny story: Last night I was going to make a trip to the store. I was asking my brother and sister-in-law if they needed anything (pre-Ike), and then writing down their requests. My five year old niece decided to take advantage of this “wish-list from the store” and sweetly requested that I purchase “Hi Ho Cherry-O” (a game she saw at the store that morning and wanted her mom to buy, but it was not purchased at that time). At first, I thought she was requesting I get it down from the closet shelf, but quickly realized she wanted me to add it to the shopping list. I had to say no. She understood but again very nicely said “well maybe you could get that for us some other time when you go to the store.” No wanting to accidentally promise something or give false hope, I explained that I could not promise that, but (along with a suggestion from her mom) pointed out it was a great thing to put on her christmas wish list. It just made me laugh. I don’t know if she was purposely being sneaky (probably not) but it certainly was clever.


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