uhm. RAD!

So I just decided to click over to 630 ched to see if there was any new oilers news. clicked on “listen” because it said the sports show was on. Turns out they are playing a preseason game right now. So I clicked on the oilers website which brought me to a very surprising discover.

Live Oilers Game – streaming, online, for FREE! After some quick research, I guess it premiered earlier this year, but I never knew about it. So, here I am watching an oilers game. The NHL calls it Livewire and I believe any team can be watched. (you redwing fans, click here)

Also, again watched house and fringe tonight. Regarding Fringe, its not LOST, and its no ALIAS, but after three episodes, “I’m in.”


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  1. Mari

    HeeeyI SO wanted to watch House last night, but after an afternoon of painting for Amadeus can you believe I fell asleep at 8 pm?! Yup. It’s probably just as well cuz I’m waaay too busy to watch it regularly. Sniff. Mari

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