Sometimes my thoughts keep me up at night

I know it happens to everyone. But sometimes, I find myself on the brink of utter ridiculousness. “Normal” people would be awake tossing and turning because of things like the financial crisis of which we are all so painfully aware. Nope, not me. What takes away from my precious sleep time? The fact that I bleed blue, green, and a touch of copper – that’s what.

I think it might be some kind of illness I should be treated for. It can’t be normal to stay awake thinking about how the Mariner’s miserable season is finally over or how the Seahawks have a huge game coming up on Sunday against the Giants (the first Hawks game to be on TV this season down here). Mainly I am just excited that (here comes the copper) the NHL season is on the verge of starting and the Oilers are looking great. I think something in my head is a little out of whack.

It all started out in 1995, with a crazy September of Mariners baseball. This was the first time I ever felt any symptoms of the sports fever. Maybe the only cure is to have your team win. I wouldn’t know. Since I started paying attention, my teams have only strung me along on promises of grandeur. The M’s have been two games out of the World Series, twice, while the Seahawks lost in the Superbowl. And my Oilers, they lost the seventh game of the Stanley Cup Championship.

Sport fever is not an illness without ramifications; it has infected a large portion of the population and as a result, unites people across the world. Sadly, this affliction can also divide humanity. I once found myself seething in deep hatred of a new individual I just met because he said he was from Raleigh, NC. For a brief moment, I did not even realize where the disdain came from, as it is very uncommon for me to react this way to anyone. In an instant, I remembered that the Carolina Hurricanes were the team that just beat my Oilers in game seven. Once I discovered this, and learned this new friend did not like hockey, all was forgiven.

Anyway, you can have your sleepless nights over matters of importance; I would rather risk my sleep on the effects of compounded interest in underdog teams that will one day win it all.


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