Some people say the Cubs are cursed. This week I am beginning to wonder if I might be the curse. Every team I root for, seems to lose. (sometimes they get close, but in the end, they lose.)

I watched just part of the Cubs game one, they lost. I didn’t think I would watch game two because it would be too stressful. I decided to give it a go, walked in the room just in time to see the cubs give up five runs and have their infield completely fall apart. I stopped watching. Later, when the rallied in the 7th, I dialed up WGN only to hear the rally fizzle (sorry! should have left the game off)

Tonight I find myself thrilled to be able to sit down and watch one of my favorites, Jamie Moyer, throw a game for the Phillies in Milwaukee. The Phillies have been winning games (I haven’t been watching) but I sit down to watch and Moyer has a very rough first inning. They are only through three, and he must be close to 70 pitches.

Well, I am going to get back to watching the game. And I hope that Lance does not ban me from watching the Cubs game tonight.

(oh yeah, and I am borrowing a copy of the 9 innings of baseball by Ken Burns. Watch most of the first inning today, fantastic!)

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