33 hours until take off

I am taking a quick trip to the Pacific Northwest and my plane takes off in 33 hours. Between now and then, I will work one full day, get the keys to my new apartment, and start setting up my kitchen.

I have been packing like a maniac tonight. One suitcase for the trip, one small bag for the apartment, as well as boxes to be taken over tomorrow, and now I am sitting here waiting for the dyer to finish up so I can stick my one load in tonight. Its all the clothes for my trip. SO, I may be getting up early tomorrow to pack some more. I am fading now so I don’t think I will wait up until this load is also done drying.

after I get back, (really late sunday) I have a full work week and then I move everything else on saturday. It should be interesting. I hope I don’t get too run down and get sick. Yuck!

Just went to look for a spiral notebook so I can do some writing while I travel and I ran across my pro/con list for moving from January. I am glad the pro list for moving to Texas won (even though the other two options actually had more pros).

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