Pretty in Pink (or at least I would have been)

A dear friend of mine was getting married in Portland. Because of the importance of this wedding, I invested time prior to the trip to find the most amazing outfit to wear. While looking for a sweater to spruce up an older dress, I came across the most amazing, cute, affordable, pretty dress I have ever seen. I don’t typically buy dresses, but this one was incredible.

And to top it off, I found the perfect pair of matching shoes.

We got ready for the wedding at my parents house, me wearing the dress, and set out for the three hour trip to Portland.

Two hours into our trip, we stopped at a rest stop to take a quick break and switch drivers. As I got back into the vehicle, I noticed that my slightly snug dress was less snug than it was a second ago. I did not hear it rip, but fear still gripped me as I turned around for my mom to look at it. The nylon zipper had pulled apart! Not just a little, and not just “slide the zipper down past the breakage point and it will fix itself.” NO the entire length of the back of the dress had split open along the zipper. After several minutes trying to fix it, and even fearing that we would have to rip the dress so I could get out of it, the zipper completely separated from one side of the dress. Here we were, 40 minutes to our destination with the wedding starting in jus t under 2 hours, and I no longer had anything to wear but some ratty old clothes I brought for the ride home.

It was all so surreal. Does this really happen to people in real life? I mean seriously, I can see it as a scene in a movie, but in real life??? Apparently, in my life, it does.

After several panicked phone calls to friends who had computer access, we located some outlet stores near our final destination. If there was ever a fashion emergency, this was it. We arrived at the stores and it was “go” time power-shopping like I had never done before! I went to 3 stores, tried on two shirts, one dress, one pair of pants, all within 30 minutes. Upon entering each store, we cut off the employee from their typical “what’s on sale” spiel to say, “look, I am an hour away from a wedding and my dress just broke, what do you have?”

I had people pulling things off the rack for me, creating possible outfit options, even telling me to check the store down the way because as much as they wanted my business, they all wanted me to find a perfect replacement outfit as fast as possible. I had one lady come track me down in a different store because after I left they found the “perfect dress.” I was heading into the changing room to so my mom ran interference for me and headed back to the old store to check out the dress. After going to Van Heusen, Liz Claiborne, Dress barn, I finally found what would work at the Gap.

I snagged a pair of dark blue jeans and turned around to find a lovely brown sweater. After putting them on in the fitting room, I made a decision that “this was it” knowing that in a west coast wedding, a decent pair of jeans would be acceptable. Because of our hurry, I walked quickly to the register, ripping off tags and size stickers as I went. We handed the tags over, paid, and I walked out of the store wearing the new outfit.

We made it to the wedding on time and at the end of the night, I was kind of thankful that I got to wear comfy jeans rather than a dress, even if the dress was amazing.



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3 responses to “Pretty in Pink (or at least I would have been)

  1. Anonymous

    Wow, I even learned stuff I didn’t know and I was there.Dad

  2. Anonymous

    That sounds like it could be a short story or a book in the making. Not everyone can have a story like that. Good thing you were flexable – Did you ever get the dress fixed.

  3. Deb

    I returned the dress. The store employees felt very bad that it happened, but they enjoyed laughing along with me as I told them the story.

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