Yep, I had my birthday. It was a nice quiet event. Opened a few gifts. Then on Wednesday, I went to dinner and bowling with a bunch of friends from work. It was really fun.

Didn’t quite match my personal best of 131 from last year, but not too far off with 113.

We played 1.5 games and I started off each game with a strike in the first frame.

That’s about it from here. OH, yeah, and I am reading a new book series that I absolutely love. The Wheel of Time So far I have read book one and have now started in on book two. As probably expected for me, it is a fantasy series and while it does not match Lord of the Rings in my eyes, there are some great characters and good story line. There are 11 books total with one more being written, so it’s nice that I have so many to look forward to.

And that is the plan for the weekend: to Read.


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2 responses to “28

  1. Crystal

    Debra! My ‘husband’ (if that’s what we call him) LOVES the Wheel of Time. He has all of the books except for the last one….because Robert Jordan is dead! But he assures me that the last book will be written post-mortem. I mentioned to Shawn that you were reading some fantasy books about Time or something and asked if he ever heard of them. He gently pointed out the entire shelf of Wheel of Time books that he owned. He says they are “an extremely good read” (I asked him for a quote here). I’m glad you had a good birthday!

  2. Deb

    That’s fantastic! I really do like it. I didn’t get as much reading done this weekend as I thought I would, so I am about 1/2 way through the second book. And Yeah, someone out there is working on writing the 12th and final book.

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