Goal Setting

Do you set goals? I do. In my senior year of high school, we had an assignment to write down 101 goals. Some were big, like the places in the world I want to see in my lifetime. Some were small, like the calculus test I needed to pass the same week I wrote down the goals.

I still have my 101 goals and over the last decade, I have added 94 more. (I know! Only 94 in ten years!?!?) So, how’s it going? Well, out of 195, there are a few that were not met or the issue and life circumstance changed in such that they will never be met, but I am happy to report that 66 goals have been reached.

Some are absolutely imperative to the way I experience life. Such as the goal I set on 9-28-03 and finally reached a year and a half later on 4-3-05. My life would not be the same without that Box set of the Extended DVDs of The Lord of the Rings. Other unmet goals are as equally important, such as that Mystery “who-dunnit” dinner I have yet to participate in. Still other’s are completely out of my hands. “Living to see the Mariners win the World Series” might seem like a stretch some seasons, but it’s there, written with ink in my goal book. I will do my best to see it done. On a serious note, some big things have been accomplished, education goals, financial goals, my trip to the UK, and living in Chicago for a second time. If I write it down and say it out loud enough, I begin to believe it.

Why do I say all this? Because last night I added a couple of more goals. Number 196 is to correctly complete a proof for a newsletter. And on a much grander timetable, perhaps against my better judgment and flying in the face of several decisions I have made in the past two years, Goal 197 finds me starting my doctorate on or before my 50th year of life. I figure that gives me enough time to pay off my current school loans. Maybe the long pondered doctoral name of Dr. D. E. Bauslaugh will not be relevant by then, but that’s not the really the point. The point is that step one of both the newsletter and a doctorate has been taken. The rest is just another step or more away.

If you’ve never been a goal-writter-downer, I highly recommend it.

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