Counting down

Last night I got to go to a Stars game with a group of people from work. This is the first NHL game I have been to in about 5 years and it was SO FUN!

I was rooting for the Red Wings because It is more beneficial for my Oilers if the Wings take the points. Unfortunately, the Stars won. BUT the game was great besides that out come. It ended 5-4 in overtime.

I call this post “counting down” because here a few things I am looking forward to:

2 Days until my parents and one of my brothers visit
8 Days until the return of LOST
32 Days until Pitchers & Catchers report
(and I guess I’ll toss this one in as well just for kicks.)
35 Days until the digital switch that I am now ready for happens


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4 responses to “Counting down

  1. Anonymous

    Kristin is coming too! :-)Dad

  2. Deb

    Seriously!?!?! Rad!

  3. Anonymous

    You forgot 134 days until Kristin and Tim’s wedding in South Dakota! ;)Kristin Waldner

  4. Deb

    haha. Yes I did. thanks for the exact count 🙂

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