Welcome Back Kid

Yes, I am Stoked Griffey is back!!!!

So far, this has been my favorite article discussing the return of Griffey: http://tinyurl.com/bfoffs

I read it and grin.

“So I’m going get my Ken Griffey Jr. chocolate bars out of storage, wear some flannel and listen to grunge and pretend this is 1995 and four-bedroom homes with a view on Capitol Hill go for less than $500,000 and Microsoft shares keep splitting and the Sonics are still in town and Junior is taking a lead off first base while Edgar Martinez steps in against Jack McDowell.

Yes, that’s nostalgia talking. Yes, I’m letting sweet memories of the past cloud my vision of the present. But so what? It sure beats watching Richie Sexson strike out with runners in scoring position.”

Click to read the entire article. The “best case scenerio” is pretty nice too.

Ok, I’m off to figure out dinner. AND listen to the Oilers game. They are in town tonight. I wish I could go to the game, or that it was playing on local television, but it is not. So I must make do with local radio. The Oilers are only 1 point, 1 playoff spot behind the stars so this game is pretty big.


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  1. Anonymous

    Thanks Debra,I enjoyed reading the article.Dad

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