Last week, I got sick of sandwiches.

I had been eating a peanut butter sandwich at lunch. Perhaps I should have added jam, but two things on that: 1. it costs money and 2. I like Raspberry, which means getting seeds in my teeth.

So I ate just plain peanut butter on bread. On Friday, I just couldn’t take it anymore. So I went a purchased a sandwich from a local fast food/deli joint. Unfortunately, that sandwich was NOT very good at all.

So that brings us to this week. Yesterday, I brought some left over vegetables and other things that I needed to use up. So this turned into a cheese, bacon, tomato, and avocado sandwich, which I then toasted. Today, I did not have any more bacon, but I did have a hard boiled egg, so that went on the sandwich. Both were VERY good and it was wonderful to not have peanut butter.


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2 responses to “Sandwiches

  1. Crystal

    I hear you! I get so sick of my lunches too. Way to incorporate all four food groups into one sandwich 🙂 Definitely a healthy choice!

  2. Anonymous

    How does raspberry jam in your sandwich get seeds in my teeth?Dad

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