Update on Homeless Pennies

The following is a copy of a blog post on our inter-office communication application. So far there has been a very positive response, including two additional contributions:

A fellow coworker (who shall remain nameless) told me that she throws pennies away! I was SHOCKED! Throw them away? Didn’t her mother ever tell her that money does not grow on trees? (Well, technically, paper money does…but pennies do not.)

Upon hearing this, I asked if she would give them to me instead of throwing them out. She said sure, and handed me three.

This got me thinking…how many homeless and unloved pennies are out there? What would it be like if I started collecting pennies that no one else wants? So I set out a sign with the three pennies. “Pennies for Debra* – Now accepting contributions.” By the end of the day, the three grew to 138.

Do you have abandoned and neglected pennies? Do they sit lonely in a dark drawer? The plight of the penny is tugging on your heart! 138 pennies found a new meaning to their existence. Which penny will be next?

Please consider contributing to Pennies for Debra. Your unwanted pennies need to have a sense of purpose again. Won’t you consider giving new life to a penny today? Drop off any unwanted pennies at Debra’s desk, no questions asked.

*”Pennies for Debra” will be consolidated, taken to the bank, and applied toward college loans or other debts to be determined at the time of turn in date by a very wise and judicious Debra.


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4 responses to “Update on Homeless Pennies

  1. Anonymous

    OK so this was just a conversation in my office. Most could not believe someone would throw away pennies, however, Nicole, who will soon be 29, said she does. They are not worth saving in the sceme of todays economy….and then she said it was a generational thing. Well, considering your age, I think not. Anyway, thanks for the good conversation topic. Hope you do well in your loan payoff! Love you, Mom Oh and by the way, when Nicole heard I picked up pennies off the ground, she said she would bring me her’s. We shall see.

  2. Deb

    cool — you can always start a Washington Branch of “Pennies for Debra” and then give them to me at the wedding in May (or not) 🙂

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