Spring Vacation

On Thursday one of my friends from Washington came for a visit.  We had a wonderful time just relaxing, exploring Dallas, going to a Rangers game, and taking a trip to Austin.

It was great to catch up with her, have our usually heartfelt conversations, and laugh until we cried.  In this particular case, the laughing until crying came while we were on our way back from Austin.  It’s a little over a three hour drive there, so 6 hours round trip.  (and we made a day trip out of it.)  So as you can imagine, we were a little tired on the trip home.
About an hour out, we stopped off at Dairy Queen to eat some ice cream and take a break from driving.  That’s about it.  A little ice cream, a little tiredness, and the “Starship Pegasus” will have you laughing so hard you cry.  I’m still not quite sure what the purpose of the Starship was (in Italy, nonetheless) other than some roadside tourist trap, or something, but it is closed now.  Anyway, it was fun.
Austin is a pretty cool city.  Pretty funky and reminiscent of Portland and Seattle.  We had an amazing BBQ lunch at Stubbs.  Pork Ribs with incredible bbq sauce.  They also had the most incredible homemade Blue Cheese dressing I have ever eaten in my entire life.
It was a great trip.


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2 responses to “Spring Vacation

  1. Mom

    Good to hear! Sounds like Dad and I need to make that day trip.

  2. Anonymous

    Hey Debra – so good to hear about your latest travels. We loved visiting Austin, when Shaunda lived there. If you ever want to do any additional traveling you are always welcome to Louisville, KY – there is lots to see and do. Aunt Chris

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