Update from "Penny"

Three new things on the Penny front.

First, the current count is 1626. 

Second, today in a penny contribution, I was given a nickel.  I tried to return it but the contributer didn’t want it.  When I saw it was from 1940, I insisted they take it back. They said “no! why do I want a dirty old penny.  I would just want to throw it away”.  So in addition to 129 additional pennies from this contributor (one of which was a 1955 “wheat-head”), I received a very old penny.
Third, we are playing a daily, afternoon Trivia game at work.  It just started this week and before one could participate, they needed to have a nick name.  While my family had nick names for me growing up (Miss Chif) and some people occasionally call me Deb, neither would work for this.  Therefore, my co-workers had to come up with one for me.  And so, in the game, I am Penny.


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2 responses to “Update from "Penny"

  1. Crystal

    Penny is a great nickname! I spent a summer at camp being called Penny…due to some connection with my last name :)I love how your penny collecting has become your new identity!!

  2. Anonymous

    So Penny…..are you going to list your date as well?Dad

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