"What did you see?" – ABC

***5/6/09 New Week, New LOST => New Commercial. Blogged a little about it here.***

Is there a new viral campaign possible Alternate Reality Game (ARG) being launched by ABC? 

During each of the commercial breaks during LOST, there was moment of black screen with one small portion as a picture, followed by the words “What did you see?” What ever this is, we know it was brought by ABC because of the logo on the lower right of the screen.

Is this directly related to LOST? I had ABC on after the show and the commercials stopped, so I would guess that it is.

After a little sniffing around online, I found a blog Magnificent Vista with some addition information.

Basically during and shortly after LOST, if you googled “a site went up, the mosaic collective, and was found via google. Now, you cannot find it by googling, except to blogs. Anyway – if its the start of a new ARG, I would welcome that. The season 5 finale is only two weeks away.

Last year, Octagon Recruiting was launched during the finale. I, Debra – “workwoman, bricklayer in the Dharma initiative,” can only hope that a new ARG is being rolled out.

UPDATE #1: in the last few moments, there is some new info which says it might be a viral campaign for a new show and not LOST related. We’ll see. ****shoot. looks like a false alarm.

UPDATE #2: See the video clips here.



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5 responses to “"What did you see?" – ABC

  1. Pope

    Heh, my traffic did too. I stepped away after posting it, then came back and checked it… Biggest day in my blog’s history. I’ve got the videos up now, too.

  2. Anonymous

    it’s gotta be LOST related….my tivo is connected to the internet, so when you pause it brings up a “more info” link for whatever you’re watching and sure enough when i paused on the commercial, it said click here for more info on Lost.

  3. Danny

    Thank you.I was freaking out about this like a crazed ape. I can’t wait to send this to my friend.You’re beast (in a good way)Thanks again

  4. Anonymous

    According to news reports, it’s an ABC promotion for an upcoming series called “Flash Forward”. Google search this:”What did you see?” +ABC +campaign

  5. Deb

    Thanks for your kind words, but sadly, I believe the most recent anonymous comment is correct (as stated in an update at the bottom of the post) – It looks to be the start of a viral campaign for a new Show “Flash Forward.”However, we can still hope some type of ARG is rolled out in two weeks for LOST. And who knows, Flash Forward may have some potential. I welcome new, intelligent shows.

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