Blogging up a storm!

We are under a tornado watch right now…
Anyway, I wanted to give a penny update.  As of today – 1866 Pennies have found a loving home at “Pennies for Debra.”
Also for our daily trivia game at work, I started out quite dismally with an 0-4 record. Finally on the fifth day I got one right.  Before this week began, I was still at a sorry 2-5 record.
I am happy to announce that I had an amazing 5 for 5 record this week!  The best of all participants. So my running record is now 7-5.  I have to be honest, I was a little nervous and feeling the pressure heading into today’s question.  One other individual was also 4 for 4 before today’s question, but he did not get it right today.  We play in two week segments (after two weeks, the scores are wiped back to zero), so next week, I will be trying to stay ahead and add to my one point lead heading into next Friday.

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