LOST the M's game(s)

I went to the Mariners games yesterday and today. We lost both! On tuesday, I went by myself and really enjoyed watching the entire game. Tonight, I went with 10 other people. We had a grand time. and it went into extra innings. The M’s went ahead by one run in the top of the 11th only to have Morrow come in and give up two runs. Game over. Overall, it was a fantastic game, although it broke my heart in the end.

I had a sign that didn’t make much sense to most people. And I don’t think anyone back home got to see it.

I’ll post some pictures tomorrow. And explain the sign.

Also – tonight was the season finale for LOST. So if you know me at all, it says a lot that I chose to go to a Mariners game. As much as I love LOST – The M’s hold more sway.

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