Sadly, most of the photos we took were really, really blurry. (Operator Error)

Here is our view of the field from on Wed.

And here is a picture of me & the signs.

The story on the sign, Tim went to an M’s game Friday in Minnesota. His sign said “Help. Mariners Fan stuck in South Dakota”
Apparently he was put on TV back home and the broadcasters loved his sign. I was hoping that because that was only five days earlier…if they saw my sign they might think it was funny. More so, I just find it amazing that one of my brothers and I attended away games for the M’s in two different parts of the city within five days of each other.

Also – side note – just watch the season 5 finale for LOST. Seriously considering that this show may have a chance at overcoming the place that the West Wing holds in my mind.


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