Who is Simeon Hobbes? New LOST ARG?

Ok, here’s the thing, there may or may not be a new LOST ARG in the works.

Apparently, someone named “Simeon Hobbes” joined twitter on Friday. They started following a few of the already well established LOST twitterers. @simeonhobbes has been posting cryptic LOST related tweets. BUT here is the kicker. There is now a You Tube video out titled “Who is Simeon Hobbes” and its put up by “ThelostExperience” which was the first LOST ARG. Because it now has the lost experience you tube channel backing, its practically confirmed that it’s a new ARG.

Ok, so if you watch the video and read the comments, there is some morris code that is translated. Talking about the Bennu bird which is apparently the Egyptian version of the Phenix. Simeon Hobbs tweeted about “following the Phoenix” about an hour ago, So I searched Twitter and came across @epithetalpha. The only tweet from Epithet Alpha is “I am the Bennu bird, the Heart-Soul of Ra, the Guide of the Gods to the Tuat.” (Mythology, Egyptian or otherwise has been a large part of LOST). SO, I started following. No one else is. It could be a hoax, or I might just be the first one to get there. We’ll see.

***UPDATE*** If Simeon Hobbes is “real” than so is Epithet Alpha. Simeon Hobbes just tweeted @debauslaugh Phoenix found. YEAH! I actually got to play a part!!!

***UPDATE #2****
Ok, so this ARG for Lost is REAL! woohoo. And, most of the time, I am several steps behind everyone. Not this time!

The best LOST resource on the web is Lostpedia.

This is where I go to read the lastest theories. And when it comes to ARGs, I am amazed how fast they compile information. Well, I am honored to say, I got to give lostpedia a tip this afternoon on twitter, so I got a small shout out of sorts on their recent blog post. “a user” that would be me. 🙂

I think my twitter followers is already increasing drastically… Looking forward to a fun ARG for the summer.


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4 responses to “Who is Simeon Hobbes? New LOST ARG?

  1. Siemon Hobbes?… that guy’s been dead for years!!!

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