I’ve been on a dehydration kick lately. Mostly because my mom mailed some of my kitchen things that have been sitting under my parent’s house in storage for a couple of years. 

One particular item was my Ronco Electric Food Dehydrator. Before you laugh too hard, let me say this – my mom bought it super cheap at a garage sale. And it has made my life more wonderful.

The last few weeks I have been dehydrating tomatoes (with pinch salt and pepper -yum!), pineapple (with a smidgen of sugar – like candy!), and strawberries (just ok. not that great).  

To top it all off, the store was having a buy one get TWO free rump roasts. Hello Beef Jerky!  I prepped one roast tonight by mixing up the marinade and using my meat slicer (another kitchen gadget my mom sent).  I’m going on a road trip this weekend to my younger brother’s wedding so I look forward to eating homemade beef jerky on the drive.

As a side note, I like my Ronco dehydrator so much, I bought a set of Ronco knives on ebay a handful of months ago. They work well. what’s next… set it and forget it?


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