the trip and other things

So, I went to South Dakota last weekend.  It was a whirl wind trip for my little brother’s wedding. I would post a picture, but I didn’t really take any.  There were so many camera’s around I figured I could snag some from others.  (and as a participant in the wedding/Groom’s person – I was honored to stand up for my brother – I was wear a dress and didn’t have a purse.  I didn’t want the hassle of lugging a camera around).

Funniest quote of the trip: about an hour from being home (the entire trip was about 30 hours in the car for a trip that was only about 66 hrs long) my nieces were repeatedly asking if they could use some sidewalk chalk when they got home.  They were repeatedly told “no” – mainly because it was going to be dark.  The 3 year old was slient for a while. Then she pipped up again “Daddy, (slight pause) when we get home (Daddy was preparing to say “no” again) can you teach me to drive?”  out of left field.  it was hilarious.

Also, on a completely different note, the web is a fun place.  I try and keep some type of pulse on where my comments ripple out to. I just discovered that one of my blog posts was cited as an answer for a question asked on “Yahoo Answers” (granted – its the old blog – but I still thought it was cool).

Finally – I don’t have anything else. I just figured the post title said other “things” so I should have two items besides the trip.


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