I think my A/C broke today. I came home from my brother & sister-in-laws house (which is where I went directly after work) and here it is 8 pm at night and my apartment is up over 90degrees. the A/C is running, but no cold air. So that makes me think a couple of things:
1. BUMMER! its going to be hard to fall asleep tonight
2. WHEN did it break!?!?! How long have I been paying for the A/C to be running at full speed and making zero difference.
3. DO I have enough ice in the refrigerator to keep me cool?
4. SHOOT! I was going to cook dinner in the oven, but I don’t dare heat up the house anymore.

I hope they fix it tomorrow. I already have a call into the apartment.

I think I might just go jump in a cold shower before heading to bed.


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2 responses to “A/C

  1. deb


    They are supposedly fixing it today. Good.

  2. deb

    **Update. FIXED! my house is cool.

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