I <3 @therealmariners

So, did you know I like the Mariners?

Not like a little, but a lot.

Yeah, if you know me that a hard fact to miss.

I’ve been interacting with the Mariners on twitter (@therealmariners). They had a “social media happy hour” event on the 11th of August.  Obviously, I don’t live in the Pacific Northwest, so I could not go. But because of the twitter interactions and because the mariners are rad, they sent me a shirt from the event anyway!25480238_flipped

Here is a photo of me wearing the shirt. (side fun note- on the original picture the writing was backwards because I took the photo in the mirror. One of my tweeps fixed it for me).

I really enjoy twitter. I really enjoy the mariners. So it two very cool things put together. I’ve been on twitter since June of 08, so I have had a chance to learn how to use the tool a long time ago. Today I got to send a word of advice to the M’s how they could tweet a bit of info more efficiently. That was pretty rad to actually have a part in helping “my” team tweet better. I like them. They like me. It’s all a ton of fun!

Also, the reason the shirt says “I follow @hyphen18” is because Ryan Rowland-Smith (number 18) is also on twitter.

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