prepping to move

so – I’m moving in a couple of weeks. I’m trying to start getting ready, pack a few boxes here, a little bit there… but with all my out of season clothes packed, my books in boxes… I’m running out of things that I know I put away right now. Ugh. I hate that! its the times you think “I might still need this in the next 2 weeks” that nope, you don’t. And of course the opposite, a day after you finally decide to tape a box closed, thats when you absolutely NEED that pot or pan.

Decisions decisions. I best get at it…. I suppose my art supplies, those I can stick in a box…

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  1. Before I move, I eat off paper plates and only eat things like sandwiches. I also go down to one or two ‘after work’ outfits. That way almost every single thing is packed. Put it in a box, the only things you can’t do without for the next week is air and water! 🙂 Have a great move.

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