Jetta – Life of A VW

So… the holidays brought on a slew of car problems.

Oil Leak – warn out break pads – dead battery – and a burned out turn signal.

So thankful for an amazing repair man that was recomended to me by my brother.

Schroeder’s Import Automotive took a look at the car before Christmas because it was leaking oil.  The car was due for an oil change, so they changed it out and determined that the leak was just due to an old seal used in the previous oil change.  They suggested that the only other item of matinance my car needed was brake pad replacement, so I had that done as well.  All way under the cost that I expected.

A few days after Christmas, my battery died. We jumped the car, I drove it for quite a bit. In the process of stopping at a few places to price out new batteries, I had Autozone test the battery. Turns out the battery was fine, but something else was draining energy. (after it was tested, it was dead again. Autozone helped me jump the car for a second time that day).

Turns out the cd changer had shorted out, so the fix was just to disconnect it. NOw my car is cd-player-less (*sad*) but the cost for labor was not bad at all. AND its a “cheap” cd changer, so in a few months I can buy a new one and just ‘plug it in’ (I think).

Finally, driving the car today, I discovered that the back driver-side turn signal was burned out. THanks to some help from my roomate and the guys over at changing out the bulb was simple.

So a total of 4 issues, and it cost a total of $400.  If you know anything about VW’s you know that is a shockingly low amount of money for getting one or two items addressed, let alone 4!


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