Shamrock Season

@shamrockdfw was contacted by a local News Radio station (1080 KRLD).

I think it was just a “hey, were interested – “the Movement” might be an interesting story- get in touch with us”  type of deal. So contact info has been given and pass along to whomever might potentially be interested in a story.  I’ll keep everyone posted if anything comes of it.

As always – Follow @shamrockdfw on twitter – Make sure to use #shamrockshake in your tweets, whether you are enjoying them or wishing you could have one.

As a side note–KRLD is the station I listen to everyday for news and traffic.  It’s my DFW version of 710 KIRO, which is pretty rad.


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2 responses to “Shamrock Season

  1. 710 KIRO is no longer news and traffic.
    I had my first Shamrock shake of the season on the way up to the Sr. High Retreat.

  2. deb

    oh right… I knew that, they moved to FM. (oops)

    Nice work on the trying out the Shamrock Shake! Did you like it? some don’t… but those that do, Love it!

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