The Search for the shake…

is a no go. 😦

The day before St. Patricks day, we got a tip from McDonalds that there may be one local McD’s that carried the shake. They even called them to double check for us.

So we planned on St. Patricks day, to drive about 20 mins from work to check it out for lunch.  My roomie got there first, and asked about the shamrock shake. She was told “yeah, we have that, but the machine is being serviced.”

When I got there, I order lunch, from a different employee. I too asked about the shake. While I encountered a bit of a language barrier, I was told by a woman that 1. she had worked there for 3 years, 2. she had never heard of the shamrock shake & 3. She could offer me chocolate or vanilla.

This left us to concluded: someone lied to the McDonalds customer service person. Then when some girls showed up the next day asking for the shake, he lied that the “machine was being serviced.”  Because if the machine was broken, the woman who helped me wouldn’t have offered chocloate & vanilla shakes as an alternative to the “Shamrock Shake” she had never heard of.

While it was disappointing, it was  a fun adventure. As the Month of March, and thus Shamrock Shake Season winds down we conclude a partial success. Simply in raising awareness, and spreading the word, we have built momentum for 2011. Right now there are 93 fans on facebook and 119 followers on twitter.

Thanks for the support everyone!

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