LOST: The End

Tonight is the end of LOST. It’s been a fun ride, blogging the adventure as it carried along.

I watched the first four seasons in four weeks time during May of 2008. I caught up just in time to watch the season 4 finale with the rest of the world.

I saw the Octagon Global Recruiting commercial and participated in the ARG.

I watched season 5 every week faithfully, alone in my apartment. I participated in one of the most fun ARG’s that ‘never was’ (through which I made a great group of twitter friends).

I watched season 6 every Tuesday, on DVR with a group of friends. And now we are here at the end. Will what I thought upon seeing the season 6 premier come true? Will we have all of our answers? Will I walk away from the show sad? Angry? Happy? Still Questioning?

Will I ever watch another episode of LOST again? Will the end allow me to recommend friends begin the long journey, or stay away forever. Will I dream of stepping back in time to the beginning so I can puzzle it out once more?

Tonight is the End. And what a spectacular end it will be.


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  2. Reblogged this on Life & Love & Why and commented:

    Two Years Ago Today. I still think about it. And sometimes I think “We Have to go Back”

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