78 Days!

Labor Day weekend is a few hours away.  On Labor Day – I’m flying out to DC for a trip I’ve always wanted to go on.

It became even better a few months back when it worked out for JJ to come too.  We’re meeting up with my parents and will be seeing the sites.

It will hopefully be a lovely break from the wedding planning.

On that front – I’m taking the dress in for an estimate on alterations today. check another thing off the list.
We are still working out honeymoon plans, and waiting to pick up the printed invites. Once those two are take care of (hopefully before DC/right after) we’ll be on to thinks like photography, attendents atire, and decorations.

Some of the ‘smaller detailed’ items… I feel like things are coming together and on the other side of DC, we still have a little over 2 months to get everything else in place. (like securing a hotel with rooms reserved for out of town guests).

All in good time… for the moment, I look forward to a great trip in the next week.

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