53 days to go…

So we have gotten a few things done in the last 11 days:

*Tuxes chosen

*A large stack of invites are out (and there are more about to go out – we’re rolling them out in bits. :-))

*The hotel for out of town guests is finalized and can now be reserved by guests. (let me know if you need the info! I’ve emailed several people, but may have missed someone. Also check our wedding web site – that has the information as well)

*Photographer booked

*Met with the Staff from our church to go over church policy

*Premarital Counseling is rolling along. (We already went to the class. Now we are doing a one-on-one curriculum with our mentor couple. It’s Great!)

*Bridal showers for WA State, San Antonio, and Dallas are in the works

*Learned that my To Do list was calculating incorrectly, instead of 288 items to do (with 121 over due) the real numbers are 104 things left, and only 21 are ‘over due’

*RSVPs are rolling in

So yeah – things are getting done.

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