As expected, I’ve been pretty busy. 🙂

Transitioned into a new position at work. – I’m no longer a Project Manager, but a Web Developer instead.  It’s a change I requested and am very excited about.

Also, had my final fitting for my dress yesterday, So excited! Can’t wait to pick it up in a week or two after it’s steamed.

Rangers are going to the World Series.  This is a tough one. I was rooting against them in the first round. Rooting against the Yankees in the second. I guess I’ll root for the Rangers in the WS.  On one hand, its been hard seeing everyone jump on board (bandwagon) and a bunch of people who don’t even understand the game get to have the time of their life with it – all the while, I get to sit buy and love a team that still hasn’t won.

But at the same time, 15 years ago, this happened in Seattle (well, not the get to the world series part) and that’s how I was introduced to the game and became a life long fan. Hopefully, that will be the result of this incredible run the Rangers are on.  I do appreciate the new admiration and enjoyment of my favorite game by a bunch of individuals who only a month hardly knew the team in Arlington existed. 🙂  AND maybe next year, people will actually talk baseball with me. They will learn their team, they well understand the break down of the AL West (and they will FINALLY understand why I must root against the Rangers in the regular season – they thought I was just being a jerk).  Plus, it’s been fun to explain the rules of the game and some of the finer details to this new legion of fans.

Well, off I go. I woke up too early, so I’m hoping to catch a couple hours more sleep before I go run errands.



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2 responses to “28!

  1. Vicky

    I’ve been meaning to confess that I found myself cheering for the Rangers in the ALCS. 🙂 I didn’t know what to do– I didn’t want the Yankee’s to win (I NEVER cheer for them), but I also didn’t want the Rangers to win… and SOMEONE from the AL had to go to the WS. I only watched part of one game, but when Molina hit a 3-run HR that gave them the lead, I actually cheered out loud. It was then that I knew who I was rooting for, and that I needed to confess (since I had so adamantly proclaimed on your FB that I would NOT root for the Rangers).

    Maybe next year our M’s will have their turn… 🙂

    See you in 26 days!!!!

  2. deb

    too funny Vicky!
    It’s so tough to know who to root for… AL West team represent, yeah? or booo one of our 3 rivals is doing well! 🙂

    Can’t wait to see you soon!

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