Working from Home

This is a new experience for me.

My hubby works from home all the time as a freelance “creative problem solver” (check him out here), but I’m not used to being in my house all day, working, losing track of time, and never seeing people face to face.

So here I sit in our loft (because heat rises and the rest of the house is freezing!) typing, reading, and thinking.

Perks of working from home:
Working in my pajama pants
Making BBQ on the grill for lunch
Having the entire contents of the pantry and fridge at my bidding for an afternoon snack

Thing I miss about office life:
Laughing with coworkers
Collaborating on ideas
Working quickly as a team – almost well oiled machine
Celebrating accomplishments together

Where do you work? And what are the perks of your situation?


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2 responses to “Working from Home

  1. At my desk in the living room, in a one bedroom apartment….

    I love seeing hawks dive past my windows but sometimes weary terribly of the isolation. I make a point of getting out every day — this morning to the car wash, plant nursery and a diner breakfast, all before 9:30 — or will go mad.

    Perks? I get up and work whenever I feel like it (although today am on deadline for my NYT piece in tomorrow’s paper). Wear what I wish. Turn down work I know will make me miserable. I like being able to totally control my time and space. I do wish for a separate office with a door and a place to truly control the endless paper of my work (journalism, books.)

  2. I may need to take up the idea of making sure to get out every morning. A clear sign that a new day started – and there are people outside of the walls of our house.

    I know I have an isolation issue when I’m way too disappointed that the mail man (only outside human interaction of the day) didn’t come yesterday.

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