Why “Debwa”?

To start with, my parents named me “Debra” (yeah, you probably figured that one out). But they were being strategic; my middle initial is an ‘E’ and up until November, my last name started with a ‘B’. Fun, right?

This site used to be Which was never a melding of my first and last name, but my first and middle initial in front of my last name. D. E. Bauslaugh.

When I got married, my last name changed so I lost the ability to be D.E.B. and instead became D.E.W.  which is where my new moniker of Debwa is derived from. My new last name starts out “Wa” plus I’m from WA state. Add that to a very creative coworker, and “Debwa” (also seen as DebWa or Deb_wa) was born.

So yes, it does sound like I have a lisp saying my own first name.  Perhaps some will say it’s too “cutesie” but I could not be more thrilled with the ability to snag a 5 letter url that works for me.

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