Or more properly said, “Bacon Lardons.”

A week or two ago, we attended a fun birthday dinner at a lovely local Texas Winery.  As we perused the menu, we noticed what seemed to be a very delicious salad. But we were nervous. It contained “Bacon Lardons.”

WHAT are Bacon Lardons, we wondered.  Getting up enough courage to ask the waiter (we feared it was a blob of lard!) he explained they are thick, kind of cubed pieces of bacon.

As we all know “Bacon makes everything better.”  So that made us happy. Sure we were interested in trying a wonderful salad with spring mix, gorgonzola, pecans, strawberries, topped with a vinaigrette, and, oh yes, Bacon Lardons.

Sure enough, the salad came out and it tasted wonderful. For a girl who loves (and I mean seriously LOVES) bacon, I couldn’t get enough of it. Just as promised, Bacon Lardons are simply square, thick pieces of bacon.

My husband was offering his bits of Lardon around the table for our friends to try, and he reasoned, that ultimately it can’t be healthy so he was doing himself a favor giving them away. I, on the other hand, shared (in all honestly, probably because it would have been rude not to) one piece. I then proceeded to scarf down the salad and all of my share of the Lardons.

If you every happen to see “Bacon Lardons” on a menu, don’t be afraid. And order it asap.

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