The Library

I have a lot of music (about 30 gigs).

Once upon a time, I built my itunes library by spending hours inporting and organizing all of my CDs. Since that time I’ve purchased quite a number of albums.  And over the years, I’ve had three different computers with itunes librarys, files from Amazon downloads, multiple back up folders, basically music scattered all over the place.

I’ve finally started combining files, deleting duplicates, and organizing so that I can eventually have one master copy of my music library.  After that – our household will be able to combine our indiviudal music libraries.

It’s a lot of work! But I also think it will be worth it to once the files are organized and I can finally upload my favorite music to my ipod touch. soooo… that’s what I did with my suddenly free evening.

How did you spend your evening?

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