Home Improvements

Today we cleared out our master bedroom and sealed the slate tile floor. We are waiting for it to dry and then the next plan is to also paint the walls and ceiling. They are currently a yellow color, but with our brand new bedding, a bluish-grey would look much better.

These tasks have been on the back burner for a while, but the on Monday, friends & family are moving some items for me. They will ship them and once the shipment arrives, we will have a very nice dresser that I purchased about 6 years ago. We figured we should do the floors & paint now, before the dresser arrives so we don’t have to move the dresser twice.

I’m really excited about the blue walls. And even more than that, I’m really excited to have my dresser! After I purchased it, I used it for only a year before I moved to Chicago. I had to leave it behind and I have been missing it ever since.

Not only will my dresser be here – but my books! 3 large bins full! I have been missing those as well and I’m sure I have a few duplicates now, purchasing books I really wanted to own/re-read while forgetting that I already had them.

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