Wedding Planning – in the rear view mirror

I have recently started reading Live Simply Love (check out the blog, it’s great!) and in one of the blog posts Merritt writes about the craziness of wedding planning and how you get sucked into the ‘wedding planning vortex‘.

I was thinking about this and thought I’d share my take here.

We had 3.5 months to plan and (in part) thanks to a fantastic spreadsheet ‘someone’ gave me – we were able to hone in on the important details and cut out what was not important.

Plus we used the short timeline to our advantage, saying “sorry – we can’t do that – not enough time” when some individuals tried to pressure us to do this or that – items unwanted or not in the budget.

And while looking back there is one particular item I would have probably done differently / shelled out money for – mostly, I’m glad we saved money.

At the end of time – that one item does not define my husband & I – Christ defines us. And a marriage honoring him is infinitely more important than one wedding day disappointment.  (Full disclosure – 7 months in, this the truth I keep reminding myself with.  I’m still trying to let go of a small disappointment and cling to truth)


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4 responses to “Wedding Planning – in the rear view mirror

  1. Debra –
    Thank SO MUCH for posting a link to my blog here (*hugs* for that!). I totally relate to what you’re saying in this post. I loved our wedding so much, but there are still things that I wish I had done differently. Ugh! I HATE feeling that way. On top of that, the beautiful gift of our marriage is completely overshadowed by the amazing gift of Christ in both our lives and still…dissatisfaction creeps in about the one day (really, just a few hours) that we chose to celebrate our union. I know that’s not how God would have me live and fighting the lies with truth sure helps! Thanks for your vulnerable sharing.

  2. Isn’t it funny? I think most things in life are this way, not just hindsight on wedding planning. I sometimes find it so frustrating to flat out know the truth – and still I seem take forever to actually believe it/act according to it. Looking forward to following your blog.

  3. I’m much older than you, but I planned my wedding quickly also. It was a sweet memorable day, and that’s what matters.

    (We got married civilly in April, not wanting to live together, and then we married at my son’s HS in July. Our multi-site church met there!)

    • I’m too am a huge proponent of the short engagement – Especially for those not living as husband & wife before the wedding. It just makes it tough to stick to one’s values. And you are right, Ellie, if it’s memorable and the people you love are there – the rest doesn’t matter much.

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