Mission Ice Fly

I’ve posted about ARG’s before (including this one – the Human Preservation Project).

Today, the count down clock for www.missionicefly.com reached zero and the race was on.

For the first time in my ARG career, I was ‘on the ground’ looking for a local destination found with gps coordinates.  I got there, met a few other ARGers, only to find out the Dallas location was changed.

At this point, I was going to go home (it was 106 degrees out and I was wearing pants, not shorts). After learning the second location, and knowing it was down the street, I decided to give it a go.

My new ARG friends got there slightly before I did – and ultimately ended up finding the “package” that had instructions to another location. I’m glad they got it as they traveled a couple hours to even be in Dallas for the event.  Even though I didn’t get there first, find the package or end up with the IceFly prize, it was still a fun adventure.

I’m excited to see where this all leads (and perhaps buy some 5gum as a thank you to the marketers for using a well planned ARG to advertize).

***UPDATED –  10:45 CST  6/30/11

so, the last agent picked up a ice fly in LA. and then a video unscrambled and from that a new countdown clock, additional sites, a phone number and a piece of a QR code have been found.

start here: www.testsubjectsneeded.com  (sign up, make an ID badge)

Then go here www.missionfly.com (not sure if you can do anything still, but you can see the results of today and the scrambled video. it might take you to www.missionfly.com/rescue)

Finally, go to www.survivalcode.com Snoop around.

Also, unfiction.com is a great resource. Go there, go to the unforums, then choatic fiction.  Look for the TestSubjectsNeeded section.   The next big day for Mission Ice Fly looks like it will be July 15th, so you have time to jump in now. (do it! It’s fun!)

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