More adventures in moving

My final load of stuff arrived from WA state yesterday and hopefully it will all be at my house on Friday.

I was able to grab one box when the vault’s arrived so a few books and a couple of kitchen items are already unpacked.  The box also contained some of my old baby clothes, so those will be organized and boxed back up for now, but they were fun to look through!

My friend Vicky is moving from WA State to DFW in a couple of weeks, so she organized and shipped both of our belongings about a month ago. Tomorrow, the Texas side of the team will unload everything. You can follow Vicky’s adventure at her new blog From Evergreen Hills to Texan Flatland.



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2 responses to “More adventures in moving

  1. Ah-ha, this is how Merritt got my blog address. I was really confused when I got her comment since I’ve only blogged that one time. Guess I’d better start posting 🙂

    Happy unpacking!!! Glad it worked for us to send our stuff together!

  2. hehehe… Yes. that’s how the bloggy world works. it’s fun to read other blogs & post comments and the more you do that, the bonus is that it brings more traffic to your blog.

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