Emealz week 7

We just went to the store and purchased our groceries for this week.  As our items rang up, and we paid the total:  $33!  I realized that one thing I didn’t factor in during my week 6 post is that we’ve been purchasing bulk items.

Things like frozen chicken breasts, fish filets, and ground beef, either at the grocery store, or bulk stores (both Sams & Costco). So that would have made our bills higher this last month, for food we have not really eaten or factored in yet.  We didn’t need to purchase any meat today, so that made our bill much smaller.

All that to say, the ultimate money savings will be easier to factor out when we are able to take a couple of months and average them.

But don’t just take my word for it, check out E-Mealz for yourself.

** bonus side note, we swung by the grocery store after church and it took about 30 minutes. LOVE quick trips to the store (and knowing I won’t need to go back until next week)!

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