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I’m basically done unpacking and sorting.

Some things were pulled out and put to use, or set in their appropriate places. Other items were sorted into storage – two groups, those temperature sensitive and those that are not.  The non-temperature sensitive items are already up in the attic.  The box of stuff needing to stay in a climate controlled environment will most likely find a home in a closet sometime this week.

We are getting rid of a few items. We’ve donated so much in the last handful of months, we might have one more trip to make.  Other than donating, we are trying to sell some things. One trip of errands today was to half price books and the movie trading company.  We haven’t heard back from half price yet, but received a little more than $41 for our old movies and tv show dvds.

Other than that, we are seriously considering listing several items on craig’s list.  Things we don’t need, but are having a little trouble parting with free. We’ll see how that goes.  Any funds we make we’ve decided to put to paying off debt.

Thankfully, our debt is fairly low and reasonable, mortgage, school loans, and a little bit of medical bills. But even so, it would be nice to pay down a little extra on those items.


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