I don’t like the heat – I’m from the overcast PNW.  We are just shy of 2 weeks from breaking a record.  Today was the 30th consecutive day that temperatures were 100 degrees or more.  The record is 42 days in a row – set in 1980.

I HATE the heat – but the competitive / story teller in me figures “we’ve made it this far… whats another 12 or 13 days?”

Did you hear about tropical storm Don? The cloud cover from Don may have kept us under 100 degrees, IF it would have made it up here.

With the exception of our little pocket of North Texas, all of Texas is in a drought, and a pretty extreme drought at that.  We were all cheering on Tropical Storm Don – hoping for a deluge of rain;  at least somewhere in Texas would benefit.  It hit land, and the hot temperatures evaporated the storm within 2 hours. Basically, little to no rain.  The radar of the storm was amazing. Poof! It just disappeared.


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2 responses to “H-O-T!

  1. I arrive in 16 days. Hoping it starts to cool down by then (you can have your record, and I might survive).

    Doing my best to pack some cooler temps and RAIN 🙂

    • Sounds like a good plan to me. The weather tends to be a bit more ‘interesting’ here… Maybe a mild hurricane or tropical storm (that doesn’t lose it’s gusto like Don did) will hit the state after the record, right before you arrive. Not hoping for damage – just rain.

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