Labor Day Weekend Adventure

We have a queen size bed, and up until two days ago, the mattresses sat on a metal rail. It was ok, but I noticed that when I would reach over my head to fluff my pillows to read, on several occasions, my hand would hit the wall. Which would not be a big deal except that I seem to keep scrapping the blue paint off is spots, revealing the mustard orange/yellow color underneath.

Since I first did this (the very first day after painting), we’ve talked about trying to find a headboard for the bed.

Then, with the arrival of our beautiful dresser, we knew we wanted one that would match the cherry wood stain.

Our other requirement was a low foot board. While sleigh beds are pretty, high foot boards can be annoying for tall people.

That leads us to two days ago. Money is tight right now, so I’ve been looking at Craigslist and thinking about how we can get a decent bed for a good price. The bed is more of a want, not a need – so no need to go spend a lot of money on it.

On Saturday, we noticed a local furniture store was having a “going out of business” sale, so we figured we’d head over on Sunday and check it out.

On our drive to the store – my husband spotted a bed on the side of the road. We drove back, checked it out – and to our delight, there was a queen size, cherry wood stain, low foot board, pretty good condition, four-poster bed. (side of the road furniture means, “please take me – I’m free”.)

We loaded it up, took it home, cleaned it up, and here is the final result (please note how nice the color matches the dresser in the lower right of the picture)

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