Double Whamie to Debt!

We just paid off 2 small student loans. Hi-ya! (picture me karate chopping a debt monster)

In doing so (and not paying just the minimum) we just saved $6,000.

Plus (as you know) those minimum payments are now set to snowball into our next debt.

Hey HVAC – we are staring you down.  Your days are numbered.

Just 5 more to go!  One HVAC system, three medical items, and the Debt Beast – My Master Degree student loan.


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2 responses to “Double Whamie to Debt!

  1. Vicky

    I’ve thought about making my own hummus. The problem is, I’ve only been able to find tahini (one of the ingredients) in large containers (considering I think you only need 1 Tbsp per batch). If you want to try making homemade hummus, let me know if you want to split a container of tahini. (I’ve found it at Sprouts for approx $6/ container).

    Love reading about how you’re saving $ and karate-chopping your debt. 🙂 Maybe I’ll look into doubling my student loan payments when my income increases.

    I’m heading to WA next Thurs for 11 days, but we should get together after I get back!

    • 1. I might be very interested in trying to make hummus… let me think about it a little.

      2. Have fun in Washington!!!!

      3. YES. YES. And another YES. I’ve either thought it to myself, or commented to JJ on several occasions during the month of Dec that I REALLY need to hang out with Vicky & Paula more.

      4.If you can swing it, any amount over the minimum on your student loan will help considerably. I’ve got some super cool (free!) spreadsheets that allow you to put in your debt amounts then play around with different amounts & timing with payments. It spits out some fun graphs and timeline on how much quicker debt goes down and how much you save by not needing to pay as much interest… perhaps I should do a blog post on that. Put up the links for everyone.

      5. I also highly recommend Dave Ramsey – not only does baby step 2 have us whacking away at our debt, but we are doing things like budgeting (even super small amounts) for future items, like eventual car replacement. Dave breaks big ideas down into doable steps.

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