Tools We Use

Ok – a week or so in, if you don’t know we use material from Dave Ramsey, then you haven’t been reading. 😉

In addition to Dave Ramsey, I love a well done spreadsheet.

I get tired of doing all the writing, and my math skills are often lacking.  Plus, it’s easier to make a line item adjustment, and have it automatically update all the totals rather than redoing bits of the budget.

In addition, a spreadsheet makes it easier to compare budgeted to actual.  It also presents an opportunity to link files month to month, or year to year for additional comparison.

Finally – (and I take zero credit for this) it allows for easier reporting.  I am not an excel wizard, but thanks to Vertex42 – I don’t have to be.  If you need some budgeting spreadsheets – check out some free budgetting resources here.


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