Pennies for Debra crosses the 10K mark

Just an update on Pennies for Debra – the current count is 10050.  (that’s $100.50!)

I recently rolled $7 worth of pennies and took them to the bank and it was these 700 pennies that took the count over 10K.



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2 responses to “Pennies for Debra crosses the 10K mark

  1. Have you heard about penny hoarders? Before a certain year the copper content in pennies is high enough (> than 1 cent) that people are hoarding them until the US govt decides to discontinue pennies. Once this happens they will melt down the pennies and sell the copper.

    • No I had not heard of penny hoarders… wow – interesting investment strategy.

      I wonder if how much they would actually gain doing that verses, putting it in the bank now – investing it and earning some kind of interest. (albeit, interest rates are low right now)

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