I had someone comment about how they are discouraged with where they are at financially and how they felt called to tithe – and how the next few years are still very discouraging.

My WordPress filters stripped it out (due to the email address) as spam. I was planning on coping the comment, pasting it in as a post and then to the best of my ability, responding with the best biblical world view that I could.  Unfortunately, I didn’t realize that WordPress (after a period of time) automatically deletes comments in the spam filter. So I no longer have access to the comment.

I apologize to the commenter, and feel free to comment again (though you may need to use a different email address – the one you used was extremely spammy).  I still may respond to the comment from the best my memory allows, but as the title of this posts states “Oops!” I goofed on that one.  If the commenter is still reading, I was not intending to ignore it forever, I just didn’t have time to respond well yet.


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2 responses to “Oops!

  1. diveinscripture

    If you need any help on how to answer that financial I would be glad to help out.

    Grow in Grace and Knowledge.

    • Thanks for the offer! I’m actually pretty sure what the biblical world view answer is – I just haven’t had the time available to sit down and write a post to do the question justice. Hoping to soon.

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