My face is on Fire

I cooked tonight.  That is not something new – however the recipe included creating a puree of tomatoes, garlic, onions and a jalapeno.  I got jalapeno oil on my hand.

Now, 3 hours later, I keep touching my face, which then feels like it’s on fire. Guess I need to rewash the hands with a ton of soap, because my eyes are about to tear up.

On another food (and budget) note.  Friday I was not feeling the cooking a long meal (which would have been the stuffed peppers we had tonight), so we talked about ordering something cheep. (our go to is Wendy’s 99 cent menu). After a long discussion, and wise counsel from my husband, we stuck to not going to go buy food.  Remarkably, I realized I had a little bit of cooked chicken left, along with some lettuce and a few other ingredients and was able to through together (a practically work-free) Asian salad.  I’m so thankful for a wise husband, and an ability to have left over food in the fridge.


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3 responses to “My face is on Fire

  1. Vicky

    Tip from Pioneer Woman: Wear plastic gloves when chopping jalapenos (I use fold-top sandwich bags). Keeps the oils off your hands (and, in turn, your face and eyes). 🙂

  2. Take 2… I sliced up another jalapeno… used a sandwich bag and NO fiery oil on my hands.

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