Babies & Dancing

NO we are not expecting. 🙂  I feel as if I need to preface anything I say about babies with this statement.

However – My brothers (as I’ve mentioned before) have been busy – as has my husband’s sister.

One brother’s wife gave birth to a son in May.

Another brother’s wife had 2 little twin boys.  These two were born at 27 weeks. (CRAZY!) But thank the Lord, they are doing really well. They arrived just 2 weeks ago, with birth weights of 3 & 1.5 lbs, they will be in the NICU for a good long while, but so far, they are healthy and growing.

My oldest brother – his wife has been in the hospital all day – waiting for the arrival of their fourth child, first boy.

And last, but certainly not least, my sister-in-law is expecting a little girl, due in December.

5 new nephews and nieces in 2012. Wow! (hello Christmas Gift Fund!)

Other than that – we spent some of our recreation money on Dance Dance revolution.  I’ve been encouraged time & time again by my cardiologists that I need to exercise more.  So we decided that DDR was a fun way to get me up and moving.  It just arrived in the mail today, so 2 hours later, I am tired, sore, and quite pleased with myself.

This girl has rhythm!


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